Peekaboo Studios LLC is an educational app developer based in Central Ohio with a focus on creating apps aligned with Common Core State Standards for PreK-12. When time permits, we like to go back to our roots and make games too!


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Always Learning - My Career Day Speech


For the past few years, I've been participating in Career Day at one of our local middle schools. I get to put together a presentation and talk to the students about my background, how I became an app developer, our apps, and what my day to day job is like today. But beyond talking about our business, I tell every class of students the same thing:
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FREE Reading Comprehension PDF - 3rd Grade


oA Limited Time - Common Core Aligned PDFs

Here is a pdf version with an answer key of the content for students from our 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension app who may need extra time or prefer to use paper. This sample pdf includes one original fictional story with ten reading comprehension questions.

These sheets are great for centers, assessments, homework or classwork!

Common Core 
Standards Addressed: 

RL.3.1, RL.3.3, RL.3.6, RI.3.2, RI.3.3, RI.3.4, RF.3.4

For the full version of the app click here. 

If you are a parent or teacher and would like to give us feedback go here. 

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One Day with Great Teachers

A new school year is underway throughout the country. I'm thinking of the many incredibly caring teachers, coaches, and staff members in every school district. This year, as always, I am optimistically hoping for an influx of outstanding adults to be a part of my kids' daily lives for the next... — Continue Reading 

Looking for Common Core aligned apps for your classroom or homeschool curriculum? 
When we began making apps in 2010 we had several teachers request affordable apps that were fully aligned with CCSS. We immediately went to work to develop a series of reading comprehension apps and we are thrilled to share them with you!

They include:
3rd Grade Reading Comprehension NEW!
4th Grade Reading Comprehension NEW!
5th Grade Reading Comprehension NEW!
6th Grade Reading Comprehension NEW!

FAQ: Where can I find your apps?

If you're interested in our educational titles, here's a full list of our apps:

- For iPad, iPhone and iPad: Apple apps
- Our Nook apps are available at this link: Nook apps
- For our apps on Kindle, please visit here: Kindle apps
- And for Android apps, you can find them here Google Play apps

Peekaboo Studios partners with Barnes & Noble

We're very excited to announce the addition of a new educational series for NOOK Color™ and NOOK Tablet™!  With over 2.5 million books, magazines, interactive kids' books sold to date, we knew that this was a great partner to continue to launch our educational and special needs apps.

You can see all 24 of our NOOK apps here!

P.S. If you are interested in finding out more about the NOOK, you should visit their website here.

DumDumb Exam Surpasses 200,000 Downloads
We are told that this app is 'a sneaky educational app' but we think it's 99.99999999997 fun too!

You can download a free version for iPad here! iPhone here!

Here's a quick peek: